I spent three summers working at Attack Athletics with the renowned Tim Grover (known for being Jordan, Kobe, Wade's trainers) and current Dallas Mavericks player development coach Mike Procopio. I worked with many NBA players during those years.   I spent a lot of time with at the time Detroit Pistons guard Will Bynum.  I created defensive and offensive player development plans for him.  Below is some examples of the work I have done for players.


Will Bynum
We created a specific individual player development plans.
View Will's summer outline, from this I created each day's workouts.

1. Personalized Summer Offensive Development Plan

I suggested that he begin to make some adjustments to his shot. Watching hours of video I saw some adjustments he could make to improve his shot.  His season after the adjustments resulted in his 3 point shot percentage moving to 32% compared to career percentage of 27%  I believed in Will & he believed in me.

2. Will Bynum's Shooting video - showing the adjustments I suggested and eventually we worked on

3. 8+ videos I created of other NBA players for Will to analyze - Just a couple - I cant show you all of them :)

4. Will asked me to breakdown all of the NBA pt Guards: I have them all, here is one example

Kyle Lowry: used vs Raptors in playoffs by Will & John Wall
A. Stopping Kyle Lowry write up .PDF
B. Kyle Lowry Video breakdown: Tendencies and how to stop him


Other players that have contacted me directly or indirectly for work

Wilson Chandler
Wilson wanted an overall improvement plan - this is an example of what I can do for you. The write-up references certain videos to watch.  From this a development plan could be created for training.

1. A comparison .PDF  of Wilson's central zone shots to the players I want to compare him to

2. Improvement plan .PDF

3. Wilson Chandler ISO Video

4. Wilson Chandler Transition Video

5. Wilson Chandler Shot Video

6. ISO Green & Young Video 

7. Iso Kawhi Leonard & Paul George Video


Derrick Rose
The first thing I noticed is he is in the 16%
(year I did this) percentile in transition (84% of league is better in transition than D-Rose) He is actually 7% so far in 15/16 - how could that be, I can help with this? I also looked 10-14ft as an area of improvement, but this was not 100% completed, but here are three videos.

1. Derrick Rose Transition Video

2. Derrick Rose Shot Video

3. Derrick Rose Extra Transition Video


Mason Plumlee
If you watch this year, he already adjusted his jump hooks, he responded with no other team he played for showed him this valuable info.


Library of Videos: I have a number of videos on specific situations.  Some examples include:

Studied the best point guards in the league on Pick & Roll, and created a breakdown of the common things the best point guards in the league do to set-up the pick and roll.

Breakdowns of specialty players like James Harden and showing some of his secrets to getting space or how Tony Parker gets his mid-range shot off on any miss-match situation.

Breakdowns of the best moves for post players based on one of the three categories: athletic, lengthy, or strong.


Get Your Own Complete Player Breakdown, Improvement Plan:
I am able to do similar things for any player interested currently playing in the NBA or professionally overseas. I know I can improve any player in the NBA. I am able to fly to you for workouts and go over video and player development plans. It is not about the one time workout but the overall day to day, week to week improvement. 

Email Coach Sullivan to discuss Chase Perfection - Catch Excellence

One of Bynum's workouts with me   





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